Quality Accommodation

Groups are happily catered for, including school groups, with facilities including a camp kitchen, powered and un-powered sites, and bush camping available.

For those that like to enjoy a rural retreat in comfort, there is varied quality accommodation available.

Nowa Nowa, the local township, is serviced by Mingling Waters Café, a General Store, Health Centre and a Hotel/Motel.

RA - The Sun God

The Big Root & Ramsdell Collection

the big root, nowa nowa

At Mingling Waters Caravan Park in Nowa Nowa, East Gippsland we have the "Big Root" - a natural wood sculpture. It is the root system of a Messmate - Eucaluptus obliuqa.

The tree grew in one metre of sandy loam on top of a limestone shelf. When the root failed to penetrate the limestone, the roots grew laterally.

It is part of the J.E (Jack) Ramsdell collection - a unique display of exotic Australian timbers and polished gemstones on display at Mingling Waters. Jack ran the Nowa Nowa sawmill from the early 1950's along with his gallery.

The tree root is known as 'Ra' - the sun god and is housed in a specially built timber pyramid housed at Mingling Waters.

Age: 200-330 years old
Height: 66m
Height of root system: 4m
Width of root system: 7m
Weight of sculpture: 6 tonnes
Preparation time: 12 months